Go Big or Go Home

           Yesterday I made it to Williamsburg, re-united with my bike and even had time to take a ride.  The aerial view flying into Richmond showed pockets of water everywhere over the flat landscape, rivers running in lazy curly-ques through the dense canopy of trees.  The trees are tall and every shade of green, punctuated by the ones flowering in dazzling pinks and whites. 
           My long-time cycling friend from New Jersey took ill and couldn’t make it here to see me off and spend a few days riding and sight-seeing.  Now alone, without the distraction of company, I’m getting anxious about the ride.  In a big way this is really a three month backpacking trip with the campsite changing almost every night, cycling instead of hiking.  I can count the number of times I’ve gone backpacking on one hand. 
            So I’m savoring the sensuous luxury of a timeshare unit for the week;  luxuries like a roof, a bed, hot running water, fluffy towels, a refrigerator, wi-fi  and a computer.  A week from today the ride begins and life will change dramatically.  Material possessions will shrink down to what is carried on the bike, and life will be stripped down to the bare essentials every day.  This kind of routine is bound to mess with your head in unknown ways.  Especially for three months.  A quest.
          Why a quest?  And what does that mean?  I take it to mean a specialized kind of journey, one that involves the unknown, one that has definite dangers and one that features a search, a mission, a personal test, and the promise of greater insight and higher consciousness when it’s over.  I’ve never really taken a quest. Until now.  Go big or go home.    


8 thoughts on “Go Big or Go Home

  1. Hey Johnson, I know it’s in you and you are going to crush it. I can’t think of anyone will get more out of this quest than you will. Sorry that I will not be with you to help pull you up the many hills or to help you find your stuff in the morning.


  2. All great spiritual leaders and political activists spent time alone — in jail, or in the desert, or atop a mountain. Your own greatness will prevail, my friend. It’s at your core. Loving blessings on the journey.


  3. You are not alone! There are many of us who care about you and will be riding along side you on your journey. Take this time to reflect, renew and remember both who you are and who you want to be….enjoy the journey and let your destination evolve in being present at all the twists and turns.


  4. Wish Savannah was on your route Kent, or that VA was a bit closer!! Eileen and I will be with you, metaphorically, on your journey. Good travels!!!


  5. Have a great trip. Quite a challenge and adventure. I can just see you as a kid on your Stingray bike (like mine) racing up and down your sidewalk terrorizing the elderly people walking their dogs! I will be very interested to hear your comments along the way. Be safe!


    1. I just noticed the time stamp on the note I just sent says, “4:57 am”. I wrote it at 10:57 pm, San Diego time. I’m wondering if this is a setting you can fix in your blog program so that time stamps are correct.


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