Counting down to launch!

Thank you for your interest in this blog I will be writing during May/June/July to share my thoughts and observations while cycling across America with nine others, self-contained.  We’ll be camping without a support vehicle.

Truth, this trip is a serious challenge and a personal quest.  I’ll be “alone” in the sense that I don’t know the other riders. (We’ve been introduced and have interacted over the past month as a google group.)  It’s not about riding with friends; it’s about “seeking” and learning in this, the third act of life.  It’s about un-plugging in a big way from the everyday “noise” and seeing what happens…and sharing it with you!

Seeing America at ten miles per hour leaves plenty of time for observing, plenty of time for reflecting, and plenty of time for interacting.  Of course the ride ain’t nothin’ to sneeze at.   We launch from Williamsburg, Virginia in a month.  The riders come from different parts of America and Canada; we don’t know each other but will become a tight-knit group out of necessity.

Welcome to the ride!

7 thoughts on “CYCLE QUEST

  1. I’ll follow you Kent .. with a lot of interest. Can I share your blog with the rest of the family?
    Good luck !


  2. Hey buddy! Have a great trip. Wish I could do it with you but I can barely cycle around my culdesac. Good luck out there and see you when you get back


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