After meeting each other yesterday afternoon over dinner, the ten transam riders took a shakedown ride to Yorktown today. It’s fitting that I start my journey in the same spot where America started its journey here where the British surrendered.

The ceremonial dip of the rear wheel in the Atlantic took place amid lots of picture taking as we share the excitement of launching on our ride. As Woody Allen noted, “Eighty percent of life is just showing up.” We have shown up, each for various reasons. Sitting here where Alexander Hamilton and friends fought for the ideals we revere, I’m glad that “I’m not throwin’ away my…SHOT!”

9 thoughts on “Yorktown

  1. Safe travels Kent! Enjoy the journey. Cannot wait to read about your experience crossing the USA. Post some videos too! P.S. watch out for those crazy drivers!
    Cousin Janet


  2. Don’t peddle until you see the whites of their eyes! And peddle extra hard when you see the whites of their teeth! Enjoy and keep us posted on your progress.


  3. Looks like an incrdible trip. Look forward to hearing more about it along the way. Enjoy it all!


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