About the Route & Cookie Lady”

Our little caravan is traveling on a well worn route that was created and mapped in 1976 by the non-profit organization that became Adventure Cycling Association. The occasion was the USA bicentennial and thousands took part in the bike ride across the country called the “Bike-Centennial.”

Today, there are still many cyclists traveling this route and we meet fellow travelers along the way. One amazing experience was riding by the house where the legendary “Cookie Lady” lived in Afton, Virginia. She began offering cyclists water, cookies, and free hostel beds in her expansive basement that first year and continued to host traveling cyclists almost up until her death in 2012. She became a legend.

The door was open and we walked right in and looked around. Although someone was keeping the place dusted, it appeared like it was untouched with every inch covered with postcards, newspaper clippings, photos and memorabilia from the thousands of cyclists that passed through over a thirty five year period, a living museum.

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