“What Mean ‘WE’ Kimosabe?” ( Tonto to the Lone Ranger with Indians on the left, right, front and back.)

The catchphrase being thrown around everywhere these days is, “We are all in this together!”  It’s true and always has been.  When potable water comes out of the tap, when the electric light turns on, when food shows up at the store…our complete dependency on one another is obvious.  But CovidWorld has taken this to a new level.  I am responsible for your health and you are responsible for my health.  Our connectedness and vulnerability to one another is clear and becoming more apparent every day.

But I can’t help but wonder about the people who ask the tough questions:

Are we all in this together when you claim healthcare is not a human right?  Are we all in this together as you (federal government executive branch) are in court right now trying to have the Affordable Care Act entirely scrapped?  Are we together, waiting six hours in line to vote?  Have we all been in this together since 2009 when the minimum wage was last adjusted?  Have we all been in this together as we imprison people (mostly minorities) at ten times the rate of any other countries?   Have we all been in this together watching vast numbers of our children living in poverty?  Are we all together drinking toxic water and breathing polluted air?  Are we all in this together when the income gap grows and homelessness abounds?  Will CovidWorld change our thinking about any of these issues?

“We’re all in this together,” during the bad times.  In “good times”…not so much.



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