Chuck’s Story

Five years ago one of our group, a freshly retired doctor from Syracuse, began cycling the Transam route by himself going from west to east. Just outside of Tribune, Kansas, he was hit by an elderly woman with early dementia.

When medical help arrived he had no pulse and was not breathing but he responded to CPR and was airlifted to a trauma unit in Colorado. He had 21 broken bones, a corkscrewed leg and foot and required sixteen units of blood.

Yesterday, Chuck completed the half of the ride that he did not finish five years ago and the medical people that saved his life conspired with Chuck’s wife who flew in as a surprise, and hosted a dinner for all of us.

Chuck with his wife, Joy.

The first responders with Chuck & Joy.

The personalized cookies made for dessert.

Chuck will be going home when we get to Breckinridge where he can catch a plane. We will miss him and his readiness to talk to google for any questions that arise in our conversations. Thank you Chuck!

One thought on “Chuck’s Story

  1. What an amazing, touching, life inspiring story, told by my favorite story teller. Thank you Kent. Safe travels!


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