Hello God?

Me:    Hello God?

God:  Always here ya know!  Please, call me Shekinah. (Goddess)

Me:  OK Shekinah.  I have a few pandemic questions.  Do you have a minute?

Shekinah:  Oh.  Maybe you should talk to Adonai.  He has a lot of experience with plagues, knows ’em inside and out.

Me:  Can I just ask you since you’re here?  And besides, I’m a little afraid of Adonai, seems like his temper is over the top sometimes.

Shekinah:  Ha!  Well maybe you haven’t appreciated his great sense of humor, and he is quite loving in the end.  But I understand, he can sometimes come off as a scorched-earth-badass!

Me:   So I’m just wondering what’s the plan with this pandemic?  Can you give me an idea of where we are headed?  Lots of people are suffering terribly you know.

Shekinah:  Well Joseph wasn’t a happy camper in the slave-trader’s pit.  But how else could he get to be Pharaohs right hand man, and save the starving Jews?!

Me:  So there’s going to be a good outcome?  What can we expect?

Shekinah:  The outcome is up to you.  We’re co-creators remember!  You’ve been given a chance to stop, consider, and make new choices.  Hurdling off a climate cliff is not cool.

Me:  Climate Cliff??

Shekinah:  Of course.  Covid is only to help you deal with the climate crisis.  How else could the whole world be made to stop, consider options, and make changes?   Humankind hasn’t been able to stop the train-wreck on its own, ya know.   A little intercession became the only option.

Me:   …So you sent us Covid!

Shekinah:  Well Covid, however terrible, is not the real enemy!  The real enemy does not come from the outside, but from within.  The enemy is not the virus….but your response to the virus.

Me:  And America is the poster child for bungling the response!

Shekinah:  Indeed.  How have you been doing in America caring for the needs of the most vulnerable in your midst.  That’s your job you know.

Me:  Well Covid is making most of us vulnerable, even the wealthy.

Shekinah:  Let the President and his friends  protect the wealthy, the least vulnerable.  You protect the poor, the sick, the homeless, the refugees.

Me:  Oy vey, tall order.

Shekinah:  Humankind will either have to accept a world of division and scarcity…or…imagine a world of oneness, justice, compassion and love.

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